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Krista Blackburn: Project Manager. TI Wrangler. Promoter. Pusher. Prodder. Whatever you call her, Krista seems to have a magic wand, making the impossible happen.

Gwen Ha: With her nose to the grindstone, Gwen races through accounting with ease and effectiveness like a cheetah chasing a gazelle.

Barry Blanton: Often confused with Wikipedia, our Chief Problem Solver is faster than Google with sixteen solutions for the most perplexing property problems.

Emily Beckham: A baker of tasty treats by night and a baker of efficient accounting during the day, Emily wrangles dollars into place like a (cake) boss.

Karolina Simons: The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line, but Karolina Simons. With an appetite for productivity and ambition rivaling the Energizer bunny, Karolina gets it done.

Alan Byars: Blanton Turner clients will testify. No single legume has ever been allowed to run wild, go free-range or be unaccounted for each morning. Not on Alan's watch.

Heidi Turner: Like a ringmaster with Barnum & Bailey, Heidi directs the delicate dance of student housing, orchestrating the circus of move-in and move-out with the greatest of ease.

Chasten Fulbright: Why Bing when you can ask Chasten? Never at a loss for a great idea, Chasten is a development consulting master whooping up an endless stream of sometimes crazy, yet always effective strategies.

Karli Hoffman: Want to know where you're going? With GPS accuracy, Karli navigates challenges with the resolve of Christopher Columbus.

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